Stallion Coudorp Barra

Our stallion Coudorp Barra is a Clydesdale Horse Society registered stallion (number 25908 V124).

He is 4 years old and will be able to serve a few mares in 2020.

He is a very nice and well behaved stallion with an excellent pedigree. Covering will be carried out by artificial insemination, in a qualified A.I. equine clinic.

Below the pedigree and photos of Coudorp Barra:

Bogton Flying Scot


Glenbeview Sir Charles

25739 V115

Oswald Lady Molly


Doura Master Eddie

25853 V120

Woodhouse The Conqueror 25598

Bannview Dawn

05059 V111

Whitefalls Bannview June 98115


25908 V124

Greendykes Chancer

Doura Above All

25568 V107

Woodhouse Queenie


Braehead Rowan

06111 V112

Braehead Eclipse

Braehead Mistie

94042 V100

Braehead Frolic

father Barra: Doura Master Eddie

mother Barra: Braehead Rowan

Below: Barra aged 2 years.

Below: Barra aged 3 years.