The Clydesdale origins from Lanarkshire (formerly Clydesdale) in Scotland. The Clydesdale originated by crossbreading the heavy Belgian draft-horses with mares from Lanarkshire. These horses were used by Scottish farmers as strong power in the field. Besides draft- and work-horse on farms the Clydesdales were used in the local mines and also for pulling carriages in the streets of Glasgow. The Clydesdale Horse Society was established in 1877, shortly later the studbook was raised, the Clydesdale Horse Society Stud Book (CHSSB), in which all Clydesdales could be registered. In that year the Clydesdale was recognized as a breed of horse.


The Clydesdales most striking features are their size, weight and their moves. The horses are impressive with their beauty and strength. These horses are more active than you might expect from such a big and heavy horse, although the stature of the Clydesdale is lighter than the English Shire horse. The Clydesdales hoofs are big. The legs lift in such a way that someone walking behind the horse can see the bottom of the hoof. The legs are hairy with silky feathers. their movements are regular, the walk is long, the trot is energetic and powerful.


Characteristic features:


- Country of origin: Scotland

- Colour: brown, roan or black, also with large white patterns

- Weight: 800 to 100 kgs

- Height: average 170 cm

- Withers: good visible, higher than the crupper

- Strength: big to profound

- Body: profound

- Head: beautiful, with a straight profile

- Cervix: long, muscular and curved

- Shoulders: aslant resulting in  fast high lifted moves

- Hindquaters: very firm

- Hindlegs: long, cow-hocked

- Hooves: flat, very hard

- Frog: well formed

- Leg colour: white

- Body hair: heavy, thick and silky, mostly white

- Hocks: Strong




The Clydesdale is friendly, reliable, willing to work, intelligent, brave and above all willing to learn. Because of their beautiful, impressive appearance and  friendly, reliable character the Clydesdale is also known as the "Gentle Giant".




The Clydesdale is a true work-horse and is also very suitable for the recreational rider. Because of their calm and peaceful character, this breed of horse is perfect for riding in the countryside.



And we?


We have adored this lovely breed of  Clydesdales for many years and own Clydesdale horses for  years. Either the horses are with us from foal or born at home, thereafter broken and trained for riding, driving and other activities.


Each year we visit Scotland for its beautiful countryside and meet other Clydesdale-lovers and breeders. Because of these relationships we are able to support people buying a Clydesdale in Scotland.


You are always welcome to meet this beautiful breed of horse. At the same time we are also able to stable Clydesdales. We are registerd by the Clydesdale Horse Society as breeders.